Nr 28 - Casting pendulum
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Wall ties are used as a tie rod in the shell wall and combined with any of our wall brackets for anchoring in the wall behind.

See example in home construction

Nr 28 - Casting pendulum

Jomas tie-rod nr. 28 is a casting pendulum. 

Cast-in pendulums are used when a shell wall is to be erected outside a prefabricated wall element in concrete where the pendulum is cast in during the manufacture of the element.

Can be combined with a suitable tray to hold any insulation in place e.g. plastic tray no. 9 or stainless clip.


Stainless acid-resistant wire, 4 mm A4 (EN 1.4401). 


The length of the screed is determined by the insulation thickness and anchoring depth 60 mm.

  • The concrete element is cast with the outer panel upwards
  • insulation is installed
  • the casting pendulum is pushed through the insulation and into the concrete with the sinusoidal part downwards. Ensure that an anchoring depth of 60 mm is achieved.