Wire products
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Wire types

We mainly provide seven types of wire:

Type Dimension (mm) EN
Iron wire 1,5-12 1.0038, 1.0025
Galvanized wire 1,5-8,0 10244-2
Springwire 1,5-10 10270-1
Stainless steel wire 1,5-12 1.4301
Acid-proof stainless steel wire 1,5-10 1.4401
Stainless steel springwire 0,9-6,0 1.4310
Ferritic steel 2,5-6,0 1.4016


1.4301 and 1.4401 are available with different surfaces - glossy, coated, annealed and annealed pickled.

1.4310 is glossy or coated.

Weight calculation

Weight calculation

With our weight calculation you can easily see what the thread weight per meter, what each piece weighs or how many meters you get a kilo.

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