Stainless steel fittings - Made in Sweden
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Stainless steel fittings - Made in Sweden

As a designer, the choice of building materials is crucial to ensure both performance and sustainability in projects. We are a trusted supplier of construction fittings and offer a wide range of stainless and acid resistant construction fittings to suit a variety of applications.

Construction fittings in stainless and acid-resistant steel are used in constructions in highly corrosive environments.

Joma's stainless steel fittings, which can handle service class 3, are preferable as they withstand the weather and wind in a better way than galvanized material. Their resistance to salt water is also significant, which is especially important if they are exposed to splashes from waves and strong sea winds. In addition, stainless fittings are resistant to the effects of possible impregnation in the wood.

We offer a complete range of fittings in both stainless and acid-resistant materials to meet the needs of the market.

Do not forget to always use stainless or acid-resistant nails or screws in combination with corresponding fittings for best results and long-lasting durability.

Do not hesitate to contact if you have questions about our stainless fittings.

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