Joist hanger FMH
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Joist Hangers

Used for connecting beams in the same plane and at the connection between the columns and beams. Joist Hangers is equipped with both nail and bolt holes and can be fitted to wood, concrete, lightweight concrete and brickwall.

See example in home construction

Joist hanger FMH

Joist hanger FMH is similar to our standard joist hangers but it´s made with a spike that makes it easier to mount the joist hanger.

Just hit the spikes to fixate the joist hanger to the beam in order to have both  hands free to fasten it with anchor screws/nails.


1,5 mm galvanized steel plate
Nailholes: Ø 5,0 mm
Boltholes: Ø 9,0 mm och 11,0 mm


Joma joist hangers are CE-approved according to CPR 305/2011, you can find the declaration of performance on our documentation page.