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Byggfakta DOCU is the Nordic region's largest digital product catalog for professionals in the construction industry. Most of the manufacturers and suppliers on the market are included in their database.

At Byggfakta DOCU, our and others' products are presented with all associated documentation such as BIM, CAD, description texts and construction product declarations. Visitors to Byggfakta DOCU are primarily in the prescriptive stage as architects, consultants, contractors, developers and municipalities.

They need products for their construction projects but may not really know which supplier to turn to. They know that they must have a window, but it may have to have a p-marked window and they also need to have it as a BIM object to be able to draw it in the project. Then the idea is that they should be able to go to Byggfakta DOCU and search for windows, get up different manufacturers and suppliers and then in a simple and clear way be able to see what they have for documentation, environmental assessment and certificates and so on. It is often such parts that can be decisive for which supplier they choose.


Most searched companies on Byggfakta DOCU

The list of the ten most sought-after suppliers looks like this:

  1. Vestre AB
  2. Joma AB
  3. Sekelskifte AB
  4. Cembrit AB
  5. Vauni aB
  6. Kinnarps
  7. Franle Futurum AB
  8. PLW Energy House
  9. Heno aB
  10. Olive Sverige AB

We at Joma take home a very nice second place on the list. Of course, we think this is great fun and another sign that we are doing the right things. Swedish-made quality products with good documentation.

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