No. 26 ITR Tie Rod
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Wall ties are used as a tie rod in the shell wall and combined with any of our wall brackets for anchoring in the wall behind.

See example in home construction

No. 26 ITR Tie Rod

Jomas ITR tie-rod is used for partition walls with steel studs.

The tie-rod is used for houses and buildings with a maximum of 2 floors. The tie-rod consists of a straight binder that is attached to a steel rule using e.g. Jomas screw 4.8x35 mm. The binder is bent at the outer end before embedding in the shell wall.

Tubes for bending are not included, mandrels for impact binders can be used. Look at installation tools.



Kramlan monteras med Jomas farmarskruv 4,8x35 mm till stålregel och muras in i skalmurens liggfogar minst 40 mm för tillräcklig förankring. Den yttre isoleringen monteras efter det att kramlorna monterats i stålregeln. Isoleringen trycks på plats över kramlorna och förs mot isoleringen så att den ligger an utan att trycka samman isoleringen. Innan inmurning i yttre murverk bockas kramlans yttersta 50 mm i 90°-vinkel.

Dorn som underlättar bockningen kan beställas hos Joma, look at drift for hammerdriven wall-tie.

The tie-rod is mounted with Joma's screw 4.8x35 mm to the steel stud and is walled into the skin wall's laying joints at least 40 mm for sufficient anchoring. The insulation is mounted after the clamps have been mounted in the steel stud. The insulation is pressed into place over the clamps and brought against the insulation so that it rests without compressing the insulation. Before embedding in external masonry, the outer 50 mm of the tie-rod is bent at a 90° angle.

Mandrels that facilitate bending can be ordered from Joma, look at mandrel impact binder.


Assembly in steel rule.

Kramla no. 26 is available in both 4 mm and 5 mm thickness as well as both A2 and A4 quality, see table below.