Wind bracing system wall
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Wind bracing system wall

The wind bracing system is designed for stabilizing roofs and walls.

The system contains of end brackets, connection brackets and also screws and nuts. Complement with bracing straps 1,5x40 S350 or 2,0x60 in the desired length.

The end bracket A is mounted to a wood construction with anchor nail 4,0x40 or anchor screw 5,0x35. End bracket is used when the bracing strap shall be bolted onto concrete.

The end brackets are made of 3 mm galvanized sheet metal. The connector bracket are made of 2,0 mm galvanized sheet metal and have Ø 5 mm hole for mounting of bracing straps.


Pre-galvanized steel plate.



Här kan du se hur man använder vårt Vindavstyvningssystem för att stabilisera takkonstruktioner, bjälklag och väggar.

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