Timber connectors

Joma has produced timber connectors for more than 30 years and offers a full line, including joist hangers, angle brackets, purlin anchors, forked anchor brackets, universal connectors, cantilever brackets, jointing plates and bars, profile anchors, steel straps, column shoes (both adjustable and non-adjustable), post supports, anchor nails and anchor screws.

Our standard are made of corrosion resistant steel and are ETA approved according to ETAG 015.

The joist hanger special and odd dimensions of e.g. jointing plates/bars and angle brackets can be made according to customer design. All production is made in our modern facilities in Målskog.

In order to facilitate the usage of Joma's timber connectors, we have developed a design manual. The design manual contains instructions according to Eurocode 5 which gives you the load-bearing capacity, number of nails and nail pattern for both joist hangers, angle brackets and other connectors.


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Joma – part of the Ebim group

Together with Jowema and Bistål, Joma is part of the Ebim group. The Ebim group shall, through quality, efficiency and innovation, be market leader within the sectors that we operate in. Satisfied customers is the foundation of our business, and motivated employees is our greatest asset.